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Our Welsh Douglas Fir soap trays are handmade by us from kiln dried timber, harvested from storm damaged trees. They make the perfect gift especially when paired with one of our felted soaps (see our other listings).

The usual ceramic bowl shaped soap dish may look nice but will typically hold water, this is terrible for your bar of soap. Good drainage extends the life of the bar. Our wooden trays are excellent for quickly allowing the water to drain from the soap.

Why Douglas Fir I hear you ask? Why not Oak? Well, we tried that along with a whole host of other hard woods. Hardwoods like Oak, Chestnut, Cedar and Walnut are very water resistant but contain a lot of tanning and when wet soap comes in contact with them the soap is stained either brown or red. After our extensive testing Douglas Fir came out on top, with little to no tanning and great moisture resistance.

You can choose either lightly scorched or plain and both are wax oiled for further protection.


Length 110mm
Width 65mm
Thickness 23mm

As with all hand made items measurements may vary slightly by around 1-2mm

Wooden Soap Tray Dish Handmade Douglas Fir Not Oak, WONT Stain Soap

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