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Most of our products & creations can be made available for event hire, including our Outhouses. We hire aged oak barrels and are constantly adding other vintage & curious items from a canoe to a butchers bike with basket to our hire inventory. Don't hesitate to contact us regarding availability and a free no obligation quotation. 

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Composting Outhouse Hire

Let's be honest nobody enjoys a plastic portloo experience, and with more companies and events looking to become carbon neutral or simply more sustainable, composting toilets for short or long term hire, are certainly something to consider.

For a number of reasons composting toilet hire is not common in the UK, if you're here you've probably already discovered this.

Legislation around commercial composting of  human waste is complicated, and costly specialist licienses are required, this is why composting toilet hire for small events isn't often considered financially viable by hire companies.

Add to that transport costs of weighty wooden loos and the additional cleaning and preparation timber structures require, and you can see why most opt for a traditional plastic portaloo. 

Having said all that, we'd like to buck that trend, and with the few simple steps we've detailed below, theres no reason you can't hire a composting toilet from Reworkshop.


Hiring a composting toilet from us is not the same as hiring a plastic portaloo, there are a few things to consider. We've created this guide to help.

By working together we can provide your guests with  environmentally friendly facilities, that add a touch of rustic charm to your business or event. 

To find out how a composting toilet works click

To summarise a composting toilet separates the urine from the solid waste. So the first thing you'll need is somewhere for us to pipe the urine into.

A drain or a septic tank are great, but if you have neither of those, a small soak away is perfect.

A soak away is a small hole around 50cm cubed as pictured opposite, filled with clean stone to allow water, or urine, to filter into the surrounding soil.

We'll pipe the urine into this and the turf can be replaced so once the toilet is removed nobody would know it was there, it can also be reused in the future. 



Its just the number 2's to deal with now, or the solids as we'll call them.

This stage genuinely isn't as bad as it sounds, the majority of what will be in the solids container is paper and sawdust. Users will be instructed to add a scoop of sawdust per poop.

The solids container is lined with a compostable bag and is accessed via a drawer on the rear of the toilet, pictured opposite. The bag is simply tied up and removed for composting or disposal.

We would obviously recommend that you compost the solid waste, but if this is not possible it can be disposed of, or even burnt.

Composting the solid waste is no different to composting your household food waste or grass cuttings and takes around a year in a compost pile or bin as pictured.

For more information on composting click



By using a composting toilet at you're event or business and composting the solids your not only protecting the environment, by not using a chemical filled portaloo, you're actually giving back to the enviroment as the compost produced can be used as fertilzer. 

Composting Toilet Hire Costs

Weekend hire, 3 days Friday - Monday             £55

Week hire,     7 days Monday - Monday             £75

Month hire,                     TBA                               £225


Charged at £1 per mile each way from our workshop in Ebbw Vale, South Wales 

Postcode NP23 5AE

All Prices are plus VAT

Example Hire Cost

1 x composting toilet weekend hire Fri-Mon £55

location Cardiff distance 32miles £64

Total hire cost £119 ex VAT £142.80 inc VAT

Each Composting toilet is suppiled with:

Simple userguide.

1 x Recycled toilet roll

5 litres of sawdust and dispenser 

Hand sanitiser 

2 x compostable liners

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