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The Outhouse

The Outhouse is by far our most popular product and what really started it all for Reworkshop. Over the years we have used and improved them, into the tried and tested range you'll see below. 

Although our Outhouses have evolved and have been much improved over the years, we've never strayed from our original design brief, of a strong, user friendly, portable unit, which utilises as many reclaimed, recycled, sustainably sourced and uk made materials as possible.

We aimed to produce the greenest composting toilet on the market, not just focusing on water saving and the other environmental benefits associated with composting toilets, but the sustainabilty of the actual build itself.   

We offer three different versions of our Outhouse. The Original, which is our most budget friendly,  the Primo, a higher spec version of the Original and the Primo XL which offers more space for a basin and storage.

Click on the links below for detailed information on each model, and to order your perfect Outhouse. 

You can choose to have a composting toilet, a long drop toilet or a conventional flushing toilet fitted in your Outhouse for no addtional cost, simply select which from the drop down menu while purchasing.

For info on composting and long drop toilets. 

Outhouse Accessories

Our Outhouses are not flatpack they are designed to be shipped whole, with just the roof needing to be lifted on and secured and the final waste and water connections made.

VAT & Standard delivery is included in the price of all our Outhouses . Standard delivery is to a curbside location via a pallet courier.

Reworkshop also specialises in off road delivery and remote installation.

For more information on standard and off road delivery 

Primo Outhouse with waney edge larch cladding and a shou sugi ban finish

The majority of our Outhouses are built to order, so if you'd like to customise yours, thats no problem. From different colours to hardware styles or interior fittings, feel free to get in touch to discuss your options.

You could even go for something like this little beauty above with its waney edge larch clading and shou sugi ban finish.

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