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The Hot Box was designed to be easy to transport and install with a huge 500 litre capacity  while being very effective at composting humanure quickly.


While most hot compost bins are made from a thin 1-2mm blown moulded plastic, our Hot Box is made from a solid 19mm recycled plastic board which is completely root resistant, hardwearing and extremely insulating.

The insulating properties of this material allow greater heat retention and slash composting times.


The Hot Box is delivered flat pack and is simply slotted together with a halved joint technique before adding aluminium corner reinforcements and stainless steel quick release fixings. No tools are required for assembly although a second set of hands is a great idea, due to its weight.


To fill it you simply lift the lid and slide it back until it locks in it's half open position, and to empty it, you release the quick pins and wing nuts, top and bottom, and slide the front panel up to either rest half way or fully remove. 


If purchased with one of our composting toilets delivery can be included for free, alternatively UK mainland delivery is £40.00 via a pallet courier.


The Hot Box Compost Bin

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