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Off Grid Toilets

The Outhouse

Our best selling off grid toilet with loads of options to choose from. 

The Little John

Can be used as a portable toilet, with urine collection or installed almost anywhere and plumbed to drainage or soak away

Prices from

The Block

Add as many cubicles as you want, either toilets or showers.

Choose from standard or XL for more depth. 

The Wash House

From spacious or acessible toilet to complete bath or shower room,

our Wash House is completely customisable 

Prices from
Prices from

The Penthouse

Maximise time between empties with this design, which utilises either wheelie bins or IBC containers for solid collection/storage

Disability & Special Access Toilets

There can't be a one size fits all approach to this type of toilet, so please get in touch to discuss your requirments. 

We often use our Wash House as a base for accesible toilets, adding non-slip ramps, addtional strengthening and handrails.

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