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Introducing the greatest innovation of our time that allows a single person to transport six shot size beverages literally anywhere completely unaided. This truly life changing product only requires one hand to operate, once the glasses are charged, leaving  the users other hand free to perform all manor of important tasks. 

The Six Shooter is handmade from solid oak, genuine bourbon whiskey barrel staves. The vintage patina of the inner scorching and barrel hoop markings are retained, to make each one completely unique. A beautifully smooth shape and finish is achieved that feels great in the hand and is finished with superior danish oil to revive and protect this gorgeous old oak. 

Each Six Shooter comes supplied with six quality, thick bottomed, shot glasses, and display/carry rope loop. 

As with all reclaimed and handmade products measurements can vary however we try our best to stick with these tolerances. 

Length 430-460mm 
Width 55mm-75mm 
Thickness 25mm-35mm 

*The Six Shooter* Made from Bourbon Whiskey Barrels, Stave Shot Glass Holder.

SKU: 364215376135199
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