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The Penthouse is a very versatile design with up to two toilets and one urinal in a single unit.


As with all our units at Reworkshop the Penthouse is built from a whole host of sustainable materials including recycled pallet and scaffold timber, recycled plastic fittings, sheet materials and FSC timber.


The double Penthouse offers two composting toilets and the option of a lean-to urinal.

The toilets are fitted with separators which pipe urine away to either a soak away or drainage . You can choose either an IBC container or two, 240 litre wheelie bins for the solid waste collection.

When you opt to use twin wheelie bins each unit will be fitted with a sawdust container with a hinged lid beside the toilet, this option isn't available with the IBC.

When opting for the IBC we also install a ventilation flue from the bottom of the IBC to above the roof line which helps aerate the humanure aiding composting. This isn't available with the wheelie bin option as it isn't really necessary with the smaller containers.


The single Penthouse offers one composting toilet utilising a 120 litre wheelie bin for solid waste collection and a urine separator which pipes urine into either a soak away or drainage.

The single Penthouse also has a sawdust container with a hinged lid fitted.


If you would like to fit handbasins or would like to customise the Penthouse to suit your needs please don't hesitate to get in touch.


The Penthouse is a large heavy structure therefore it can not be shipped, so we deliver and install these in person. Prices for delivery & installation vary depending on your location, please see the attached map, prices for areas are listed below.

While this is a fairly large structure it is classed as temporary, and both the single and double Penthouse can be moved with pallet forks without the need to dismantle them.

The height of this structure means it can be susceptible to wind so we suggest a sheltered area, however we fit storm lashing eyelets on all four corners in case they are required.


Our delivery and installation prices are listed below for each area. Included in these prices are delivery and installation to a prepared site (flat and level) accessible by a luton delivery van. If your site has restrictions or you need your units installing at a site that is only accessible by a 4x4 this is no problem, but please contact us so we can arrange this for you.  


Within 50 miles of our workshop NP23 5AE £0
The rest of Wales £190
Heart of England £290
South West & West Country £290
South of England & London £360
East of England £390
Yorkshire £480
North West and Lake District £480
North East England £540
Scotland £680



The Penthouse

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