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The Frontier Fireplace was initialling designed for use in campsites, parks and public spaces to help prevent damage and grass fires caused by disposable BBQ’s and miss-managed campfires, but is equally at home in your garden or outside space. 


Designed and built in wales to be virtually indestructible, using thick gauge steel (up to 4 mm) Its going to last many years and is pretty much vandal proof, especially  when secured to a surface. The Frontier Fireplace can be securely fixed to any flat surface, or left free standing, and is also available with carry handles. They can be rented to campers to make a return on your investment or installed on/offered with pitches to protect your site. Combined with firewood sales a healthy additional income can be achieved and some owners even insist that guests use wood and fire pits purchased/rented onsite. 


With a fire tray measuring 550mm x 340mm its large enough, but not to big so as to encourage uncontrollable fires, and being over 30cms above the ground prevents any damage to grass or the surface its attached too. Its large enough to accommodate two disposable BBQ's or one of the larger family style grills. They are stack-able and Its open front makes for easy cleaning with or without a grill in place.


Although designed for use as a fire pit and disposable BBQ stand the Frontier Fireplace becomes a Charcoal grill in its own right with the additional grill pack. The Frontier Fireplace is available with, or without, handles and grill pack. You can choose from either a stainless steel or cast iron grill pack. Both grills options are great quality, however if the grills are going to be used on a camping or glamping site stainless can sometimes be a safe option, with the cast Iron perhaps being a better choice for personal use.


  Prices includes VAT & UK mainland delivery

The Frontier Fireplace. Heavy duty firepit/grill built to outlast the competion

  • Free UK Mainland Delivery

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