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From £479 Inc VAT & Delivery.


The Fire Cart is a multi functional offroad cart designed to haul fire pits and fire wood to where they are needed on site along with the necessary fire fighting equipment, in case things do go wrong.

The Fire Cart neatly holds two of our Frontier Fireplaces at the rear with ample divided log storage on either side meaning the cart can be postioned between two camping pitches, giving both pitches their own private log store.

Built from treated timber which  recieves a further UV resistant coating the Fire Cart is built to last. It rolls on sturdy 14inch wheels with pneumatic tyres while the roof is consturcted of a thick durable recycled plastic. 

The Fire Cart can be purchased with or without our selected fire fighting equipment (foam extinguisher, fire bucket & fire blanket), you can also specify your own fire fighting equipment. There is also an option to purchase it with 2 x reduced price Frontier Fireplaces

The Fire Cart

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