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Introducing the all new Wash House from Reworkshop,


Prices starting from £3049 for a composting toilet

Full shower room suites (composting toilet, shower cubicle and hand basin) from £3699


The Wash House is one of the largest units we currently offer with a footprint measuring nearly four square meters. It was designed to be fitted out in various configurations from a spacious compost loo to a full bathroom suite, some options including a disabilty version, one with interior insolation and cladding and even one with a flushing toilet, shown in pictures 5-8.


Design, build and portability


As with our Outhouses we wanted the Wash House to be simple to install and use, portable, strong and environmentally friendly. We've stuck with our tried and tested design which harks back to the traditional outback or frontier outhouses and privys, but this is no shed! Using quality materials and timber the Wash House is built to last.


The walls and roof structure, and the cladding are pressure treated virgin timber sourced from sustainably managed forests. All our frames are screwed by hand for strength and accuracy, not nailed for speed. The door is made from pressure treated tongue and groove timber and hung with strong UK made T-hinges with a handmade reclaimed hardwood handle and locks inside and out. As well as being pressure treated the outside of the Wash House will receive an additional water based exterior finish all over we typically use a light Oak colour but you are free to specify your own colour for no extra cost, we can also paint the inside of you Wash House if required for a small addition cost.

Insulation and internal cladding are not usually necessary but options are available at extra cost please enquire for prices.


All our Wash Houses use our pent roof Sunroof design which allows great ventilation perfect for these units while being built to withstand the worst of the British weather.

The Sunroof is an excellent addition to the Wash house it transforms the space inside while reducing the need for lighting.


The Wash House comes as six Panels and can be erected in around 30 mins at present we deliver and install all our Wash Houses in person but this simple method of construction means it can be easily deconstructed for transport or storage in the future. The panel sizes where also designed to fit on an oversized pallet if they need to be shipped.


The base of the Wash House is constructed from pressure treated 100mm x 50mm timber joists and 25mm thick treated planking for real strength that will last, no OSB or plywood is used in our products. you can see in the pictures that the joists are design to be used like skids with chamfers cut on the ends allowing the Wash House to be dragged by a tractor or vehicle like a field shelter making this a portable structure which typically doesn't require planning permission.


Fit out options


There's plenty of options when it comes to the way in which your Wash House is fitted out and you are not only limited to the options above that we have laid out, please speak to us regarding your needs.

The composting toilet we use is our Little John Composting Toilet you can find this sold separately in our "other items" there you will find a full description with more details. The Little John can be either plumbed into a soak away or urine can be collected inside to be emptied later. While we fit the shower cubicle with curtain the Wash House does not come fitted with a shower or boiler. This will need to be completed by a appropriately registered trades person at your end. If you choose to have a basin fitted we will leave provision for a cold water connection as standard and both hot and cold upon request. Your options are quite literally limitless, we have a long history of building one off commissions and we enjoy a challenge, so if you have a question or a request please don't hesitate to ask.




The footprint of the Wash House is actually 1.8m x 1.8m but at least a 2m x 2m space is required to install it due to the overhang of the roof all round the structure. at its highest point the Wash House is 2.4m externally.

Inside you have 1.7m x 1.7m of floor space with 2.2m head height at the highest point and 2m at the lowest.

As standard the door is installed as per the photos but if you need it to be installed on a different panel or in a different position please don't hesitate to ask, we can even supply a computer aided design.


Eco friendly and sustainable


I’m sure by the time you’ve read to this point you will understand how passionate we are about the environment and the use of sustainable and reclaimed materials. You won’t find any ply wood or manufactured wood board here! I wouldn’t go as far to say we are expects in sustainability at Reworkshop but we’re constantly striving to ensure all the materials, fixings, adhesives and coatings we use are as environmentally friendly as possible while still being fit for purpose.


I genuinely feel ours are the greenest composting toilet units on the market, not only because they save water and give back to the environment, but because of the effort that’s gone into sourcing the correct materials. Give us a call for a chat about your requirements. As your unit is built to order customisation is encouraged and above all we just want to be sure your unit will suit your needs. If you have any questions at all please don't hesitate to contact us.


Delivery & Timescales


PLEASE NOTE, your Wash House will be built to order, our average lead time is around 8 weeks.We much prefer to deliver all our units in person as well as insuring safe delivery and correct installation we can also answer any questions you may have regarding use or aftercare.


We will deliver and Install your Wash House for free within 50 miles of our workshop in South Wales NP23 5AE for deliveries outside of this radius please use the link below to select you contry or region add it to your baskey and pay for it with your Wash House at the check out, we do not aim to profit from deliveries just cover the costs involved.


We also specialise in offroad delivery and installation for those hard to reach sites please see the link below.

The Wash House

  • Click here for more info on delivery & installation

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