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The Long Drop Outhouse uses the same tried and tested design as our Portable Composting Outhouse with our Sunroof option and some other nice features.The Long Drop


Composting toilets have become very popular these days and are a great off grid solution, however the Long Drop is the original Outhouse design, and still the most commonly used method of toilet waste disposal in a lot of true off grid situations. Once installed, they require no emptying and a lot less upkeep with the unit sometimes requiring no adjustments for many years.


They obviously require a hole to be dug out which they are then positioned over, the size of the hole typically dictates how long it will be before they need to be moved but a 1 meter deep hole can last as long as 5 years with normal family usage, as the solid waste will decompose and break down, and the urine simple soaks away.


Once the hole is full you simply move the Outhouse over another hole and fill in the first one.


Design, build and portability


We wanted our Outhouse to be simple to use, portable, strong and environmentally friendly. The design harks back to the traditional outback or frontier outhouses and privy’s, this was something I was keen to keep the look and feel of by choosing the correct materials that would also fit with our sustainability brief. To be sold nationwide or even across the world it needed to fit on a standard UK pallet and also be easily manoeuvrable once on site. To use a smaller euro style pallet seemed like the logical answer these can be brought in grade A condition which means they are used but as new and with a little adjusting and strengthening make the perfect reclaimed base for our Outhouse. The walls and roof structure, and the cladding are pressure treated virgin timber sourced from sustainably managed forests, this choice was made to ensure strength and reliable production. All our frames are screwed by hand for strength and accuracy, not nailed for speed.The door is made from treated tongue and groove shiplap, screwed and braced together. They are hung with strong UK made T-hinges and feature a reclaimed hardwood handle and locks inside and out. Although its not really needed for light purposes due to the Sunrrof, you can still have our own take on the traditional moon and star cut out if you would like.


As well as being pressure treated the outside of the Outhouse will receive an additional water based exterior finish all over we typically use a light Oak colour but you are free to specify your own colour for no extra cost, we can also paint the inside of the outhouse if required for a small addition cost.The Long Drop Outhouse comes with our new Sunroof option. A lot of research was carried out to find the perfect opaque but light omitting roofing sheet. This was made even harder by the fact that normal clear roofing sheets are in no way environmentally friendly and that just wasn’t going to work for us. We are now extremely pleased to say that we can offer what we believe to be the only recycled tri wall polycarbonate sheeting in the UK providing great strength and light omitting properties while offering complete privacy The Sunroof is an excellent addition to the Outhouse it transforms the space inside and reduces the need for lighting. Although the Recycled tri wall is a great product as a recycled product it can sometimes be clearer or whiter, to grantee best light in the unit we can also use a non-recycled tri wall please let us know your choice when ordering.Inside, the base of the toilet compartment is clad with recycled pallet wood and the compartment lid on the Primo is solid pine which is sanded to a fine finish and wax oiled for ease of cleaning and protection. The Toilet box on the Long Drop Outhouse is lined with Ekoply which is made from recycled waste plastic it’s a really tough product which is perfect for this application which its hard smooth surface making it very easy to keep clean

Eco friendly and sustainable I’m sure by the time you’ve read to this point you will understand how passionate we are about the environment and the use of sustainable and reclaimed materials. You won’t find any ply wood or manufactured wooden board here! It would be a whole lot easier and less time consuming to build our Outhouses completely from virgin materials, believe it or not, it costs more to use pallet wood due to the man hours involved in sourcing and preparing the timber.I wouldn’t go as far to say we are expects in sustainability at Reworkshop but we’re constantly striving to ensure all the materials, fixings, adhesives and coatings we use are as environmentally friendly as possible while still being fit for purpose. I genuinely feel our Outhouses are the greenest toilet units on the market, not only because they save water and give back to the environment, but because of the effort that’s gone into sourcing the correct materials.


Delivery & Timescales


You can book your build slot and est delivery date with just £100 deposit per unit, the balance will be due before or upon delivery, if we are installing it. Our average lead time is 6 weeks


Free UK mainland courier delivery, for highlands and overseas deliveries please get in touch for a quote.


Free personal roadside delivery and installation service for orders within 125 miles of NP23 5AE

We also specialise in offroad delivery and installation for those hard to reach sites please see the link below.

Our Installation service is available nationwide, we can also dig your soak away or long drop pits please ask for a free quotation Discounts available for collection from our workshop in South Wales,


Unlike the majority of our competition our units come ready built, almost complete needing little assembly to see what’s involved we are more than happy to send you the instructions in advance.


Thank you for reading Joe Scott

The Long Drop Outhouse

  • Click here for more info on delivery& installation

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